10 tips for buying a cheaper wedding dress

10 tips for buying a cheaper wedding dress


Buy a second-hand dress

You can save money by buying a second-hand wedding dress. For this, you can either inquire with an individual, or get closer to second-hand wedding dress stores. It is also possible to find on the internet up to

Rent your wedding bridal dress

Your dream dress is overpriced. Do not panic ! There are shops that specialize in wedding dress rentals. You can then realize your dream at a low price. You can rent the dress for a period of one day to 3 days. You will choose this option to save money, especially if you are not up for keeping your wedding dress as a souvenir.

Why not buy a dress for two?

Suppose you have a girlfriend or sister who is getting married just a few days after you. Take this opportunity to buy a wedding dress that you both love. The first goes with the dress as it is and the second will only have to make a few alterations to the same dress, if necessary, to make it a little different, and voila! You think that thrift stores and other deposits -sales only offer patched clothes of poor quality and in poor condition? Think again ! Indeed, these shops are more and more popular, especially for the quality of the products offered . The choice is generally vast too, you will most likely find the part that suits you.

Opt for a simple model

A princess wedding dress, with extravagant decorations, petticoats, a long train, luxurious fabrics cannot possibly be under 500 euros. Choose a very simple model that you can personalize with accessories such as a lace bolero, gloves, beautiful jewelry or even a sophisticated hairstyle.

Avoid big brands

Brand or designer dresses are very expensive, and yes originality has a price and not the least! But rest assured, there is no point in breaking the bank, a little-known brand is able to offer you an original dress that looks like you at an affordable price. Good to know: you can also have a brand dress reproduced by a seamstress, still little known, to benefit from a very advantageous price.

What if your dress had a manufacturing defect?

It would suit you better twice than once! First of all, unless you go through a magnifying glass, some manufacturing flaws go almost unnoticed. And you can always call your grandmother to help fix this little hitch. On the other hand, this is a valid reason to negotiate a good discount on the price of your wedding dress.

Prioritize sales

Sales or stock liquidations are very advantageous opportunities to buy your wedding dress at a low price. Take advantage of the end of summer to buy your dress if your wedding is planned for winter, and vice versa. On the other hand, it is advisable to keep your weight in shape if you don’t want to have too many touch-ups to do a few weeks before the wedding. Good to know: wedding fairs are also places where you can buy your wedding dress for less.

Remove unnecessary accessories

In addition to being of questionable utility, accessories like the luxury veil, crown, and other hair adornments are known to add to the wedding dress bill. You can cut back on these expensive expenses to favor the purchase of a beautiful dress that will dress you alone.

Buy her dress in a ready-to-wear store

There are ready-to-wear brands that offer glamorous, chic and romantic style wedding dresses at lower prices than “classic” wedding dresses. Many websites have launched themselves into the world of weddings and offer you very beautiful models of simpler wedding dresses to which you will only need to add a veil to be the most beautiful on D-Day.

Get married at the beach

And yes, the beach wedding is also a trick to skip the big princess dresses. You will save a lot of money if you choose to say “yes” to yourself in front of the ocean. A shorter wedding dress will be much cheaper but will show you just as much without breaking the bank.

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