7 Reasons to Wear a Watch

7 Reasons to Wear a Watch


This is the main problem of our smartphones: it seems that they are always at the limit of low battery! It must be said that we wake them up all the time, as soon as we receive a message, as soon as we hear the sound of a notification or even as soon as we want to change songs! So if in addition we turn on their screen as soon as we want to know the time, no wonder they discharge so quickly! With a watch, all these battery problems do not exist. You put a small battery in it, and the watch is able to tell the time for the next 12 to 18 months! Even better, some mechanical watches don’t even need batteries!

The time, and nothing but the time!

Why wear watch quick and clear When you check your smartphone to look at the time, it’s stronger than us: we immediately feel attracted by the notifications on the screen! Oh, a new text! Oh, a new email from work! Oh, a new like on Instagram! And now, instead of simply looking at the time, you have just unlocked your phone and without realizing it, you are immersed in it… With a watch, you don’t risk losing your concentration. If you want to know what time it is, just take a quick look at your wrist and you stay focused! In a society that denounces more and more addiction to screens, having recourse to one less for something as simple as the hour can only be beneficial!

No worries about theft or breakage!

Why wear broken phone watch Far be it from us to want to scare people, but taking your phone out of your pocket or bag to check the time is not always a good idea, especially if it’s a smartphone that also costs expensive than a round trip to Australia! Someone asks the time suspiciously on the street? At least with a watch, you don’t have to show him which smartphone you have! We’re in the crowded subway and we desperately cling to a bar? With the watch on our wrist, there is no risk of dropping our phone and exploding on the floor!

For when you don’t have your phone!

Why wear a sports watch Contrary to what you might think, you don’t always have your phone on you either! When we play sports, for example, we leave it tidy in the locker or in our bag, and if we don’t have a clock around us, it’s hard without a watch to know if we have to slip away or if we still have a little time ahead. Same if we are in the middle of an exam! Telephones are totally forbidden in the rooms, and to be sure that we still have time to finish this fascinating dissertation on the philosophical journey of Descartes, having a watch is simply essential!

For style down to the smallest detail!

Why wear style and taste watchUntil now, we have only put the smartphone and the watch in competition, but in fact, the watch is much more than that! With its different shapes, different materials, different colors, it can be the expression of our style, our tastes and our way of life! It’s almost a fashion accessory: you can choose it retro, connected, modern and colorful for a trendy look, or on the contrary, sober and elegant for a distinguished look. The watch can truly be an extension of our style, the little extra touch that will make the difference!

A work of art on the wrist!

Why wear artwork watchWe often forget, but the watch is also a little mechanical gem, a technical feat that can require several weeks of craftsmanship. All the cogs that intertwine, each smaller than the other, all handcrafted for a common purpose: allowing the hands to turn following a very precise rhythm, that of passing time… The watch is truly a small work of art that can be worn on your wrist, especially when its dial is original. When he exposes all these cogs, he has something fascinating and authentic!

A beautiful heirloom item…

Why wear heritage watchThe watch is finally a perfect accessory to bequeath to his descendants. A quality watch is capable of lasting decades, and eventually becomes part of a person when worn every day. To inherit your father’s watch is to remember all those moments we spent together and to have the impression of keeping a part of him close to you, an object that he was close to and that accompanied him. in his daily life. Choosing to wear a watch is therefore also choosing to wear an accessory that we can pass on to our children to continue, in a way, to be part of their lives even when ours is over!

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