How to recognize a good hairdresser?

How to recognize a good hairdresser?


The sense of listening and dialogue

This is the first quality that a good hairdresser must have! He is above all listening to all your wishes. He asks you what you need and what cut you would like him to give you. A good hairdresser establishes a dialogue with his clients in order to find out about his wishes, his styling habits, etc. These are certainly human qualities!

But it is also about the behavior that a hairdresser must have vis-à-vis the person he is about to do his hair. In addition to helping him pinpoint what you need, this informative discussion will also help calm you down and build trust between you and your hairstylist.

A professional touch

Beware of hairdressers who jump right in and don’t bother to touch your hair. This professional touch is indeed necessary to know how the volumes are placed and also to know how to proceed to make the cut. Because know that not all women have the same hair types. The professional touch therefore allows the  hairdresser to test the nature of your hair and therefore know  the cutting techniques that should be adopted. But beware ! All the hairdressers who touch your hair are not necessarily good! Know how to tell them apart! A good hairdresser will know the nature of your hair in a single touch.

A critical mind

A good hairdresser does not give in to your every whim! If he finds that the haircut you request does not suit you or is not possible with your hair type, he will refuse to do it for you. But he won’t just refuse! Acting like a true professional, he will analyze your face, your hair and suggest suitable cuts. So beware of hairdressers who agree to do your hair no matter what cut you ask for. Good hairdressers will talk to you and offer advice so that you make the right choice.

Traps to avoid

There are some misleading criteria that you should definitely be aware of. First, let’s mention the decor. Even if a hair salon is luxurious and magnificent, that does not necessarily mean that it is home to good hairdressers. It is therefore not necessary to focus too much on this type of criteria. The same is true for the price. It has never been a reliable criterion.  There are good hairdressers who offer attractive and ultra-competitive pricing. And conversely, there are also hairdressers with exorbitant prices, but whose services are not satisfactory.

Find the right hairdresser

Now that you know the different criteria to consider to recognize a good hairdresser, we are going to look at how you can find one.

Word of mouth, an effective trick to find the right hairdresser

Do you know a person who always has a flawless haircut? It is therefore certain that he has a good hairdresser. You can then ask her which hairdresser she goes to so you can enjoy it too. Otherwise, you can also simply ask your friends and relatives. And if you’re used to looking for things on the internet, go to the pages of hair salons in your city and ask about customer reviews. This will allow you who offers the best cut and also the best services.

Compare different hair salons

Hairdressers nowadays exist on every street corner. So you won’t have any trouble finding it.

During your free time, try to go around the hairdressing salons located in your city. See everything you can learn about the skills of their hairdressers. You can for example judge by the haircut of the people who go out there or the employees themselves. This will give you an idea of ​​the quality of the salon and the cut that its hairdressers are able to offer you.

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