original ideas to celebrate the anniversary of your beauty salon

original ideas to celebrate the anniversary of your beauty salon


Celebrating the anniversary of your hair salon or beauty salon is one of the best occasions to  get the word out about your salon . This is a good opportunity to be creative and  increase your turnover  for the next month (or maybe even a long period).

If you organize the anniversary of your salon correctly , you could not only send positive vibes to your employees, but also bring back your customers and attract new ones . This event should above all be an opportunity to share a moment of pleasure and escape the daily routine.

In order to help you prepare for this special day, we have found the best ideas to help you devote more time to your work.

Organize an event for your hair or beauty salon

On your hair salon’s birthday, it seems natural to throw a party. An event you’re inviting your most loyal customers to might be just what you need to grab attention .

Think about all the details: decoration, schedules, entertainment… and of course, warn the participants. You must inform them in advance by sending SMS for example. Moreover, with Treatwell PRO marketing tools , you can send fully personalized emails and SMS to your customers. You can also promote your beauty salon anniversary on social media.

Or, in order to have a large-scale party, you can also involve influencers in your area.

Let’s consider in more detail what you need to pay attention to when organizing your hair salon’s birthday.

Select date and time

It’s best to celebrate a hair salon’s birthday on a non-working day or every other day from 6 p.m. , when your guests won’t be busy with their daily work and business.

Consider the number of guests

If you’re celebrating in the living room, make sure each guest has a comfortable place to sit and the room isn’t crowded and stuffy. If your living room space is quite small and may not accommodate all the people you will invite, celebrate the birthday in another place.

Start by calling your most loyal customers on the phone to make sure they come. And if there’s space left, text other customers asking for a confirmation response before a deadline .

Prepare an activity in advance

In order for your event to be successful and there to be no annoying breaks, it is necessary to  think of an interesting activity that would unite the guests , for example, contests for salon customers. Or, host a karaoke night, mime or guessing games, and hand out prizes at the end of the night, such as “Best Singer” or promotional codes for the winners. Make sure that all categories of invited participants are comfortable.

think about gifts

One of the best ways to keep meaningful contact with existing customers and attract new ones is to give gifts . This can be something exclusive to the most loyal, for example, a bag with your salon logo, decorative items for the home, scented candles, pocket mirrors, toiletry bags with the logo, lip balms, hand gels, etc. And for new customers, you can offer souvenirs, such as pens with the salon logo, a notebook, a key ring, etc.

Organize a buffet

Host an event at your hair salon or beauty salon where you serve drinks, hot and cold to your visitors as they interact with you and the team.

Then think of a feast, hire a catering company if necessary or limit yourself to appetizers. Don’t forget to consider all the details : add veganism to the menu, for example, and think about those who don’t eat pork. But, everything must be beautiful and elegant.

Take photos

For a better result of the event, don’t forget to take photos and make stories for your salon’s Instagram or Facebook. You can also  organize a thematic photo zone with props for creative photos . After a while, customers will receive their photos and remember this beautiful day and your salon of course. Also, photos can be posted in social networks, which in itself will become additional advertising and draw attention to your salon.

Manage music

And one more thing. If you decide to put on music or other sound, consider a reasonable volume. Find out here  how to play music in your hair salon legally .

Appreciate your team

Your team is the foundation of your establishment, often in marketing, it is said that  its collaborators are the best ambassadors . Surely you know how difficult it is to find and retain good employees. For this occasion, they deserve to be spoiled more than anyone.

Make sure  every employee feels that you are grateful for their contribution  to your hair salon. For example, hold annual awards. Gather your team and give a congratulatory speech in which you quote each of your collaborators and talk about their contributions to the common cause.

It will also be useful to organize a distribution of bonuses . This can be both valuable gifts or financial bonuses as a thank you for their contributions.

Organize a program for the show team. For example, invite them to a restaurant or a party. This will help rally the team.

What’s a birthday without a cake?  Ordering a cake for your team  is also a great way to mark the celebration.

Decorate your hair salon

A beautiful and unique decor goes a long way in creating a memorable experience for your attendees. A beautiful decoration will create  a warm atmosphere  and help you, your team and your customers to be in a good mood and have a pleasant time. This will improve the image of the salon and your customers will probably want to spend more time with you

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