The different kinds of earrings

The different kinds of earrings


The Creole name refers to the West Indies, where women are particularly fond of this type of earrings. Tradition has it that wealthy families thank their nanny by offering gold nuggets when their children were independent. The nurses then transformed the nuggets into rings in order to always have them in their ears as a sign of success. Hoop earrings can be circular or semi-circular. They attach easily thanks to a rod that crosses the ear or thanks to a pivot that can be folded down at the back. Today, they are available in a wide variety of looks, adapting to all styles. The shape of the face, the haircut as well as the clothing are to be taken into account for the choice of the most suitable model. To know,

Studs or earrings

Stud earrings are very popular and offer an unparalleled variety of styles. These are the most discreet and light earrings that exist. Their particularity is to give an impression of floating on the lobe of the ear thanks to their invisible fixing system. They consist of a stem that crosses the ear and is held in place by a specific clasp. Stud earrings have the advantage of being able to be worn every day, because they are suitable for all outfits and all face shapes.

The dangling earrings

Drop earrings go beyond the earlobe and hang down the neck. Their length varies according to the models and comes in an infinite number of styles. This type of curls hardly goes unnoticed, so they highlight the whole face. They also lengthen your entire silhouette. The dangling earrings hang on thanks to a curved rod forming a hook. To perfectly accompany your hanging curls, a high bun, a neckline and a skirt will be your best assets.

sleeper loops

This type of loop was originally used at night to prevent the piercing hole from re-closing. It is in particular for this reason that they are called sleepers, because they are worn during sleep. Today, we wear them both at night and during the day. Their hook-shaped clasp is completed with a flat rod that folds over so as not to lose them. Sleeper earrings can be worn for any type of occasion and adapt to all styles of clothing.

Clip-on earrings

People who don’t have pierced ears can wear this style of earrings. As with a clip, the clasp is composed of a flat surface resting on the front part of the lobe and another part that folds down at the back so that the buckle can hold. The only downside may be the weight. Indeed, curls can be painful if the model is too heavy.

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